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Ce sont des espions au service des allies des USA et des sources diplomatiques qui ont lache le morceau, plutot gros quand on connait son impact dans la direction des affaires du monde, indique NBC, avant d'ajouter que les services de renseignement ont [beaucoup moins que] un niveau eleve de certitude [beaucoup plus grand que] sur la fiabilite de leurs indices.
For those desiring the certitude and security of being the sole representative presence of Jesus, the fresh air of Pope Francis is a threat.
Paris est reparti avec les certitudes qu'il etait venu chercher, apres "une performance collective de haute volee".
of Colorado-Boulder) reads a certain moment in the history of theology when it rediscovered and welcomed its original difficulty, and having used that rediscovery to win the day, lost courage and reinscribed these difficulties within the safe and guaranteed certitudes of orthodoxy.
Our only certitudes are those that belong to the whirl of the world and the flux of time.
The early certitudes included the belief that the Taliban regime would implode, that it would be easy to form a broad-based government in Afghanistan, and that the United States would be able to accomplish this task.
Economic and political forces drove the Civil War, Wilson believed, and they loomed more significant than moral certitudes involving the issue of slavery.
The contributors to this collection are all firmly situated within liberal traditions: Jews and Christians who mistrust fundamentalist certitudes and who understand both social and theological change as religious imperatives.
THE FOUNDING FATHERS AND LINCOLN would have rejected the pragmatist claim that we need to jettison all certitudes in order to make democracy work.
The most visceral experience was offered by Somewhere Else--La Chambre des certitudes, 1997, a narrow room entered by one visitor at a time.
If I do, maybe some of my certitudes will be wounded and changed.
Raymo's tone throughout is serious but never pompous, pedantic, or condescending to the "true believer" clinging to traditional certitudes.