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Discomfort and complications due to cervical dilatation despite local anesthesia and precise techniques are serious problems in those women.
Preoperative use of vaginal misoprostol reduced the need of higher cervical dilatation in many patients.
It was found that vaginal misoprostol applied in nonpregnant premenopausal women before dilatation and curettage facilitates the cervical dilatation and minimizes cervical or uterine injuries.
There are concerns that rigid interpretation of cervical dilatation without consideration of other indicators of labour progress could result in increased levels of other clinical interventions (Albers, 2007; Lavender, O'Brien, & Hart, 2007).
It would appear that, unlike other clinical assessments such as palpation and fetal heart auscultation, the act of undertaking a vaginal examination to assess cervical dilatation can cause embarrassment, vulnerability and further pain during labour which is often already an intensely vulnerable and painful time for women.
They suggested that there were many aspects of the assessment that should be considered such as cervical consistency, confirmation of presentation and application of the presenting part, and effacement in conjunction with cervical dilatation when making a judgment as to whether labour was established (Cheyne et al.
The 92 women with a cervical dilatation less than 4 cm were randomized to receive either tocolytic doses of magnesium sulfate as an initial bolus of 4 g followed by an infusion of 2-3 g/hour, or another tocolytic agent chosen by the attending physician.
Maternal intraoperative trauma and perinatal asphyxia were significantly more common in nulliparous women who underwent cesarean delivery at full cervical dilatation, compared with those who had cesareans before they were fully dilated, a Canadian study revealed.
Preterm delivery remains a risk in mothers with preterm premature rupture of membranes, preterm labor with advanced cervical dilatation, persistent bleeding, or preeclampsia at less than 28 weeks' gestation.
In view of the unpredictability about when a baby is going to deliver, we just think that they should get [corticosteroids] when they walk in the door even if they're highly advanced in cervical dilatation.
Physician choice rather than a randomized assignment determined what management course would be followed for 35 patients determined by transvaginal ultrasound or examination to have a cervical dilatation of 2-5 cm and/or effacement of at least 60% with membranes visible or protruding at the external os during the second trimester, said Dr.
Since 9% of women who present with contractions in the absence of cervical dilatation will deliver before 35 weeks and 22% deliver before 37 weeks, the symptom is taken very seriously.