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We conducted a full-text search using Chinese keywords or English keywords ('contralateral c-7,' 'contralateral c7,' 'c7 nerve root,' and 'seventh cervical nerve root') with databases at home and aboard.
The cervical nerve plexus is located at the posterior triangle of the neck that is formed by the cervical prevertebral fascia, the paravertebral muscles and the cervical vertebra (5).
14) The fused cervical vertebrae cause segmental dysfunction and can lead to Cervicogenic angina due to cervical nerve root irritation, mimicking true cardiogenic angina.
36-42) Cervical nerve blocks that target the nerve along its extraspinal course using fluoroscopy may be a safer alternative.
Diagnostic tests: CT = computed tomography of the neck, MBS = modified barium swallow, EEG = electroencephalography, CNB = cervical nerve block, MRI = magnetic resonance imaging, TEE = transesophageal echocardiography, AG = arteriography.
If not promptly relieved, shoulder dystocia can result in stretching and avulsion of the cervical nerve roots in the child's brachial plexus, which appeared to be the undisputed cause of Jaya's injury.
There are eight cervical nerve roots that exit directly above the corresponding pedicles.
In most cases, the innervation came from the third and fourth spinal cervical nerve (C3 and C4), although the fifth spinal cervical nerve (C5) also participated through the dorsal scapular nerve.
Herring thinks that it's more likely to result from insult to the 5th through 7th cervical nerve root and/or spinal nerve complexes.