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A comparison of differing dosing regimen of vaginally administered misoprostol for preinduction cervical ripening and labour induction.
In this study, we conducted the first double-blinded, prospective randomized controlled clinical trial in China to evaluate the efficacy and safety of intravaginal misoprostol in cervical ripening and labor induction in term pregnancy in nulliparous women, by using a misoprostol tablet with 25-[micro]g dosage.
Misoprostol, a prostaglandin E1 analogue was used in obstetrics because of its uterotonic and cervical ripening effects in different studies (7, 10).
Owing to its uterotonic effect and cervical ripening effect, its use in obstetrics for labor induction is increasing nowadays.
Foley catheter balloon vs locally applied prostaglandins for cervical ripening and labor induction: a systematic review and metaanalysis.
Sublingual misoprostol for cervical ripening before diagnostic hysteroscopy in premenopausal women: a randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled trial.
Location of prenatal care and the use of epidural anesthesia were associated with increased rates of chorioamnionitis, while use of intrauterine pressure catheters, fetal scalp electrodes, maternal GBS positive status, and need for cervical ripening were not.
Misoprostol, a PGE1 analogue, has been reported to be an effective and affordable cervical ripening and medical induction agent.
It has been demonstrated that human semen contains the highest prostaglandin concentration that can help stimulate cervical ripening (Denison, Grant, Calder, & Kelly, 1999).