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In this prospective randomised controlled study of patients with unilateral C7 radiculopathy due to DH, we found short- term success that treatment with regular physiotherapy and exercises in combination with intermittent cervical traction for three weeks, resulted in a significant reduction in arm and neck pain and significant increase in hand grip strength on the affected arm compared with regular physiotherapy and exercises alone.
Even though the clinical use of cervical traction for CR is common and is accepted as treatment of choice, the effect of cervical traction on clinical outcomes is still an open question.
There are several clinical trials showing negative impact of combining intemittent cervical traction with standard physiotherapy for CR (9,17,18).
In contrast in another study, cervical traction combined with posture correction exercises had been applied to patients with CS.
Further randomized controlled trials investigating the effectiveness of cervical traction in CR due to CS will be the answer to this question.
Cervical traction appeared to be a safe and effective noninvasive treatment method that increased the hand grip functions in patients with CR following herniated disc.
The effect of cervical traction combined with conventional therapy on grip strength on patients with cervical radiculopathy.
The value of intermittent cervical traction in recent cervical radiculopathy.