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He says it was established that the DEA does not have a befitting office in River Cess, thus prompting Joint Security Committee Head Col.
Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso said, 'We believe this cess should not be levied at the port.
The finance ministry, in a statement, said that after introduction of GST, the total tax on motor vehicles (GST plus compensation cess) has come down vis-a-vis the total incidence in pre-GST regime.
Bigger sedans and SUVs for which the current effective rate of tax works out to 51.8% will see lower taxation at 43% post- GST which would lead to a reduction in vehicle prices, despite 15% cess above the base GST rate of 28%.
The proposed cess, also called sin tax, is likely to be levied on demerit and luxury goods such as aerated drinks and luxury cars, only for the first five years.
He stated that amendments made to Cotton Cess Act by the Federal government were illegal.
According to the department, 90 companies have been identified as having no-objection certificate but did not pay cess on the projects.
CHS handles hiring, training and development of CESs, who are CHS employees assigned by contract to specific trade areas.
The Carers Emergency Support Service (CESS) aims to support carers should anything happen to them which would prevent them providing care at very short notice.
Package for KEPZ: Prime Minister has announced on May 22 abolition of cess on imports of raw material and reduction in different charges relating to land and warehousing units from 17 per cent to 58 per cent to make investment at Karachi Export Processing Zone attractive, effective July 1, 2003.
The 1999 edition of IAFIS' Capital Equipment & Supplies Study (CESS) reveals that the consolidation trend in the food processing and supply industries appears to be slowing.
Cess of the State University of New York at Stony Brook.