cessation of activity

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enjoying calculation tools and simulation of real commitments relating to the time savings account, to the gradual cessation of activity, labor medals and end of work contract indemnities established in recent years, SNCF wishes to be accompanied in the operational phase and evolution of existing tools in the validation of actuarial models and calculations within the management cycle in the implementation of any new devices and, if appropriate, in the production of accounting and budgetary elements.
The operation of certain facilities classified for environmental protection is subject to the obligation of financial collateral, to ensure cleanup and restoration of the site in case of cessation of activity or accident.
Participant does not mozhetbyt: - the supplier (contractor, contractor), included in the list of suppliers (contractors, performers) temporarily not allowed to participate in public procurement procedures; - a legal entity in liquidation, reorganization (other than a legal person to whom joins other legal entity), and an individual entrepreneur, who is in the stage of cessation of activity - a legal entity and an individual entrepreneur recognized in the prescribed legislative pordke economically insolvent (bankrupt), with the exception of a legal person who is in the process of rehabilitation
Besides, 2 draft laws will afford to make a step forward to solving of problems of investments and introducing of innovations; 1 bill is directed to cessation of activity of financial pyramids and their advertising in Ukraine and also raise of a level of trust by the population to financial institutions and services.
Following Cessation of Activity Compressor Stations, the Environmental Protection Agency Has Imposed Environmental Liabilities Preparing Technical Documentation for the Delimitation of the Area Polluted By Oil Products and the Establishment or Implementation of Measures to Remedy the Effects of Past Activities On the Ground.
Approximately $615,000 of expense reductions were attributable to the cessation of activity related to Link Magazine publishing and the iD8 advertising agency.
Not one condo closed escrow in July, and only one was in escrow, which indicated an almost complete cessation of activity in single family attached homes here in the month," he said.
Pursuant to the Order of 9 September 1997, the monitoring program for post-operation of the ISDND will be an additional order following the filing by COMPA of cessation of activity declaration file.
cessation of activity, prompting some motorists to start panic-buying to stock
I have received several emails this week regarding the sudden cessation of activity with the repairs to the Ovington to Ovingham road.
The organisation declared a complete cessation of activity for 12 months and promised to clean up its act.
But insurance is unlikely to respond since the origin of the loss is an intentional cessation of activity caused by a labor dispute.