cessation of activity

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In some cases, it has been the judges who process the liquidation processes of these toll roads that have set the date of the cessation of activity by the concessionaire, which obliges SEITTSA to start operating them.
Added to this is the economic situation that has accelerated the bankruptcy and the cessation of activity of these companies, according to him.
licensing, cessation of activity with a move-off period, acquisition and other settlement options).
The EMFF will also provide support for temporary cessation of activity for a maximum of six months in case of the non-renewal of a fisheries agreement between the EU and a third country (Article 32).
On top of support for vessel engines (energy efficiency, reduction of pollution), improved working and safety conditions on vessels, and the purchase of more selective gear, the Council added fleet reduction (scrapping) aid, abolished by the Commission, but the duration of which was extended until 2017, and aid for temporary cessation of activity.
These same enterprises will have the possibility to declare due taxation for 2010, without effective payment of this taxation, up to September 25, 2011, and without paying delay penalties, up to March 25, 2012 for enterprises in total cessation of activity.
cessation of activity, prompting some motorists to start panic-buying to stock
It proposes to authorise the member states to provide emergency aid in the form of financing of the temporary cessation of activity for fishing vessels for three months at most (to start before 31 December 2008).
I have received several emails this week regarding the sudden cessation of activity with the repairs to the Ovington to Ovingham road.
The following endpoints were measured: (1) activity at experimental temperature by one or more individuals, with continued activity following return to low temperatures; (2) obvious reduction or cessation of activity, with restoration of activity following return to low temperatures; (3) activity at experimental temperature, but no activity at higher temperatures and no activity after return to low temperature in all individuals; or (4) no activity in all individuals, with no return of activity at lower temperatures.
The organisation declared a complete cessation of activity for 12 months and promised to clean up its act.
But insurance is unlikely to respond since the origin of the loss is an intentional cessation of activity caused by a labor dispute.