cessation of life

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It is extremely difficult to preserve these Planariae; as soon as the cessation of life allows the ordinary laws of change to act, their entire bodies become soft and fluid, with a rapidity which I have never seen equalled.
Three teenage suicides in two months in Dubai have shocked the country due to the premature cessation of life.
But liberation or nirvana can't be taken to mean loss of personal consciousness at the cessation of life on this planet.
As our tools become more sophisticated for measuring the presence and quality of life as we define it, our parameters in making calls to save, prolong or allow the cessation of life evolve.
Since then, however, the growth of email traffic has led to fears that it may bring about the total cessation of life on this planet.
Cupid's left hand is resting on an upside-down torch which symbolizes the cessation of life.
Then I realised that the chances were not good, chiefly on account of the groom currently enjoying a total cessation of life.
Key tasks of the statute would then include: protecting those who do not desire life to be declared ceased at the upper limits of the zone; delineating circumstances when organs can be harvested, which interventions are permissible to preserve organs, and how they should be withdrawn; delineating circumstances when the various activities related to the cessation of life must occur, such as withdrawal of medical intervention, transfer of property, cessation of medical insurance benefits, and burial; debarring immoral acts to hasten life cessation within the zone; and delineating circumstances when criminal acts resulting in states of life cessation are categorized as killing versus battery.
That idea is death, the cessation of life - or death-in-life - as the sole source stream in a writer's world.
The "end of nature" that the author decrees--he says it's already occurred--does not mean destruction of the ecosphere or cessation of life but rather the passing of earth's temporal arrangements as they have arisen spontaneously, unperturbed by conscious design.