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The act of relinquishing one's right.

A surrender, relinquishment, or assignment of territory by one state or government to another.

The territory of a foreign government gained by the transfer of sovereignty.


noun abalienation, allowance, assignment, award, bestowal, concession, conveyance, delivery, disposition, donation, gift, giving up, giving up claim to, grant, handing over, nonretention, parting with, release, relinquishing claim to, relinquishment, submittal, surrender, transfer, waiver, yielding
See also: abandonment, alienation, assignment, consignment, conveyance, demise, desertion, expense, release, relinquishment, renunciation, resignation, sacrifice

CESSION, contracts. Yielding up; release.
     2. France ceded Louisiana to the United States, by the treaty of Paris, of April 30, 1803 Spain made a cession of East and West Florida, by the treaty of February 22, 1819. Cessions have been severally made of a part of their territory, by New York, Virginia, Massachusetts, Connecticut) South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. Vide Gord. Dig. art. 2236 to 2250.

CESSION, civil law. The, act by which a party assigns or transfers property to a other; an assignment.

CESSION, eccl. law. When an ecclesiastic is created bishop, or when a parson takes another benefice, without dispensation, the first benefice becomes void by a legal cession, or surrender. Cowel, h.t.

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Revelee en janvier dernier, la cession de trois hotels Ibis (Tanger Free Zone, Fnideq et Agadir) au Groupe Benaboud (voir encadre) a pris de court l'ensemble de la place.
While no adjustments to previously ceded reserves will take place, the impact on new cessions is considerable.
AM Best said it believes that SCR's business position as Morocco's national reinsurer remains consistent, despite the progressive phasing out of SCR's compulsory cession following the signing of a free trade agreement with an impact on the gross written premiums that are likely to fall to MAD 2.
THE LIFE REINSURANCE market is stable and strong, although shrinking cession rates may impact business going forward and compel reinsurers to look for ways to boost revenue, according to all major rating agencies that put out reports in September.
Land cessions are important to the Oneida contributors as well, and they regret the dissolution of their homeland and their uncertain land tenure in the west.
beaucoup moins que] Il y aura des cessions sur la bourse, de societes qui se portent bien et qui sont dans un bon trend haussier, car je prefere mettre sur la bourse des entreprises qui ont une belle histoire a raconter pour l'avenir [beaucoup plus grand que], precise Adel Grar, mysterieux et sans autre forme de detail sur la liste des prochaines vendues en bourse.
Although the volume of Ghana Re s outstanding debtors has fallen since the removal of the compulsory cessions, their size relative to the company s balance sheet and written premiums remains a concern.
industry was no longer in a competitive position, with most advocating legal changes dealing with reinsurance cessions to offshore affiliates, which have grown from $4 billion in 1996 to $34 billion in 2007.
Le ministre des finances a fait savoir que la somme restante des recettes de cession des avoirs et biens confisques, au cours des 5 annees, n'est que de 11 MD.
De l'autre, les prix des cessions pratiques sur le marche constituent un repere pour la determination de la redevance annuelle des biens concedes, par les evaluateurs des services des domaines[beaucoup plus grand que].
L'argent de ces cessions devrait financer la recapitalisation des 3 principales banques publiques que sont la STB (Societe Tunisienne de Banque), la BNA (Banque Nationale Agricole) et la BH (Banque de l'Habitat).