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noa who helped prove that this amazing technology is the long term solution for the centuries-old Hawai'i cesspool problem," stated Bill Carpenter Jr.
Mehmet Coban was very surprised that the ancient graves were found while digging for a cesspool.
He had failed to empty the cesspool on numerous occasions and there was a serious risk of polluting a nearby watercourse.
I watched Gerard ride a motorbike he had borrowed into a cesspool
Iraq was a cesspool for the British when they occupied it in 1917.
America has tried to come out of the cesspool of racial conservatism and racism, and we're right back to square one," said Lami, who owns La Caffita bakery shop, also located in Los Angeles.
Even items for good hygiene become a cesspool for bacteria over time.
We are not surprised that Pope Pius XII called his writings "a cesspool of errors.
Its Ike-era prototype, Grace Metalious' Peyton Place, describes the adulteries and out-of-wedlock pregnancies of a small New England town; in Metalious' sequel, Return to Peyton Place, heroine Allison Mackenzie writes a book very like Peyton Place, finds a New York publisher, and enters a swirling cesspool of Manhattan glamour and corruption.
Based on an analysis of existing cesspool data and water quality samples collected over the past several months, the health department identified 14 priority areas statewide where cesspools are beginning to affect drinking water, streams or beaches.
Could you have imagined the same minister telling residents living with alarming cancer rates that the toxic cesspool on their doorstep is safe?