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The histological examination showed that the original tissue regeneration was much faster in the skin wound treated with extract ointment or cetrimide cream without any oedema, congestion or inflammatory disorders (results not shown).
Written information regarding the above event likely related to the sensitivity to cold cetrimide was given to the patient.
The organic salt cetrimide, used in the preparation of the organobentonites, shows characteristic absorption bands at 3020 [cm.
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The membranes were placed on Pseudomonas cetrimide fucidin cephalosporin (CFC) agar (Oxoid) and incubated at 30[degrees]C for 48 h.
Immersion oil,uric acid,bile esculin agar diagnostic laboratory,laboratory diagnosis agar base grainy,laboratory diagnosis cetrimide agar etc.
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38 Cetrizine (10mg) tablet & Syrup 39 Cetrimide Antiseptic 40 Chloremphenicol Applicap 41.