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Se observo crecimiento en el agar cetrimide (colonias redondas verdosas regulares) y en el agar King B, que estimula la produccion de fluoresceina, se observo crecimiento y una clara fluorescencia a las 48 horas de incubacion a 30[grados]C lo cual es tipico del genero Pseudomonas, especie fluorecens, por lo que se concluyo que bioquimicamente la cepa IBUN S1602 corresponde a Pseudomonas fluorecens, siendo consistente con los resultados preliminares de pruebas bioquimicas.
Indeed, the results showed that the tensile strength of animals treated with cetrimide cream or the PgME-based ointment was significantly greater than those of the untreated group (control) and the placebo group.
About ten minutes after induction, midway during the cleaning of the surgical site with cetrimide solution, his heart rate decreased to 22 /minute.
1 ml of each dilution were inoculated on King B selective agar (kb) (14), Cetrimide agar supplemented with nalidixic acid (0.
Davies, A, Bentley, M, Field, BS, "Comparison of the Action of Vantocil, Cetrimide, and Chlorhexidine on Escherichia coli and Its Spheroplasts and the Protoplasts of Gram-Positive Bacteria.
Amongst QACs, cetrimide, a mixture of bromides of ammonium is one of the most widely utilized detergent and antiseptic compounds.
Percutaneous puncture under sonographic guidance, aspiration of cyst fluid, instillation of a protoscolecidal agent such as 95% methanol or cetrimide, and respiration (PAIR), with albendazole treatment to reduce the danger of subsequently renewed disease from spillage, is an alternative to surgical resection in selected patients and is particularly indicated in uncomplicated single hepatic hydatid cysts.
Para contagem de Pseudomonas aeruginosa, as membranas foram colocadas sobre Agar Cetrimide (Himedia, Mumbai, India), incubadas a 41.
A clinical trial compared the efficacy of a cetrimide, bacitracin zinc, and polymyxin B sulfate gel (a combination not available in the US) with placebo and povidone-iodine cream in preventing infections in 177 minor wounds (cuts, grazes, scrapes, and scratches) among children.
En agar Cetrimide, se subcultivaron todas las colonias sospechosas de pertenecer al genero Pseudomonas.