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Obama wants to engage the rest of the world on its own terms, in a dialogue of respect," Chafe, a longtime American history professor at Duke University who is now vice provost for undergraduates at the school, added.
Although Magee, Scruton, and Kohler all discuss how Tristan reinterprets Schopenhauer on this issue, only Chafe connects the three acts of the opera to explicit stages of the lovers' metaphysical growth; only he notes the connection of "Bewusst/einbewusst/unbewusst" to its philosophical underpinnings and its grounding in the drama (Scruton erroneously claims that the lovers maintain their individuality when they achieve redemption through the denial of the will; Scruton, p.
Chafe then presents eight biographical sketches of key modern American leaders (with the Roosevelts and Clintons paired together as a team/couple).
Although those of us who advocate change in universities certainly chafe at the slow pace of that change, and there is room for universities to move faster and be more responsive to community needs, there is little likelihood that those changes will bring universities to the quarter-to-quarter mentality of the business world.
Electroacoustic composer- performer Chris Chafe and clavichord virtuoso Joan Benson will combine their talents in a recital titled "Tronika Time-Transit" at 8 p.
If you have a tendency to chafe when you run, get slick.
in her inspiring, delightful dance for/of words, Wade-Gayles joyfully dares to rethink ideology and its critique by claiming of her cherished maternal identity that "I chafe at the very idea that anyone would attribute this joy to patriarchy, to sexism, to restrictions on my life.
The symbolism of this action is perplexing: why would women who chafe at patriarchy voluntarily engage in such domesticity?
The Rosand and Chafe books, it is true, saw print after the revision, in 1991 and 1992, respectively.
They are penned up and herded about in "conditions that would make most American workers chafe.
I looked at every rear end--there wasn't a chafe mark on them.
Momentive's Aceba* Dry Lubricant the Key Ingredient in ASICS' Groundbreaking Chafe Free[TM] Products