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Investigation determined the power wire to the GMU-700 unit, flight director, yaw damper and autopilot head had chafed through and was shorting out to the top of the avionics rack behind the MFD screen.
If you have a chafing problem, wrap the chafed wire with electrical tape and then spiral wrap, NSN 9330-01-466-2483.
1 : to become irritated or impatient <Some of the guests chafed at the sleeping arrangements.
Mississippi has long chafed at these perceptions--which in some cases spring more from stereotypes than statistics--and it has now introduced an ad campaign called "Mississippi, Believe It
In the past, some neighborhood councils have chafed under what officers considered arbitrary and inflexible DONE rules.
Madaleno (D-Montgomery County) is one of the lawmakers who chafed at Ehrlich's grant for the religious conference, which is scheduled for June.
Other requests were informal and were sometimes turned down by librarians who chafed at the notion of turning over such material, said the ALA.
It is regrettable, however, that diaries and letters don't exist for Spelman, for they might have given insight into how young black women felt about their presumed natural "carnality" and whether or not they chafed at becoming "ladylike.
Apply petroleum jelly to any areas that have chafed in the past.