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Bandleader Don Chaffer (vocals/guitars) lost his mother to leukemia in July 2001; his father was diagnosed with cancer four months later.
But a few continued to fly the red flag - and they include Andy Chaffer, of Handsworth, Birmingham.
Kellogg's Breakfast Mates will be the first cereal product Kellogg has ever sold in the refrigerated section," says Karen Chaffer, director of product communications.
Although RFC observers never received the status they deserved, the Germans considered the observer as captain of the aircraft and the pilot merely a chaffer who got him to his destination.
My large, rectangular chaffer has a bottom pan for an inch of water, an insert pan for food, and a lid.
Even with the pitfalls, there were enormous triumphs at Cheyenne Mountain Chaffer Academy.
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And Sarah Chaffer, landlady of Slaters Pick, said there were options available to save the "authenticity and charm" of the market.
Limited Tenders are invited for For Supply Of Single Row Forage Harvester Chaffer Loader At Icar-Igfri, Jhansi
Candidates for Hodge Hill: Phil Bennion (Lib Dem), Liam Byrne (Lab), Andy Chaffer (Communist), Albert Duffen (UKIP), Kieran Mullan (Cons), Chris Nash (Green).