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CHAFFERS. Anciently signified wares and merchandise; hence the word chaffering, which is yet used for buying and selling, or beating down the price of an article. The word is used in stat. 3 Ed. III. c. 4.

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After departing from their label last spring, Chaffer began playing through some songs in his journal and realized he had material begging to be recorded.
(60.) Scheel C, Eaton EN, Li SH, Chaffer CL, Reinhardt F, Kah KJ, et al.
(Race 11) CHAFFER TAM can get back on the winning trail here.
John Chaffer, shift manager, said: "We go out into the community and help a worthwhile project.
Latest recruits Laith Khatib and Liza Chaffer have joined the probate and matrimonial departments respectively.
But identical letters came from Peter Chaffer, divisional head of housing management at Derwentside District Council, and Kevin Howe, manager at Single Homeless Action in Derwentside.
Andy Chaffer, of the Coalition of Gay and Lesbian Rights, said: "We are used to queer bashing - but not people laying bombs.
The micropub on Middlesbrough's Baker Street has already proved popular with customers, but Sarah Chaffer and Mark Waters have just put the finishing touches to their business - and are now ready to show it off.
WORKING TOGETHER From left, Simon Elliot, Sanderson Weatherall; James Chaffer, Alder King; Mark Robertson, Ryden; Mark Brown, Budworth Hardcastle; and Andrew Lamb, Harris Lamb
Mary Pearson (president of Birmingham Trades Union Council), Paul Mackney (former secretary of Birmingham Trades Union Council), Andy Chaffer (depositor of the Birmingham Anti-Apartheid archive), Jolyon Jones (depositor of the NUPE Social Services/ Birmingham UNISON branch No4 archive), Dave Rogers (Banner Theatre)
Ian Underdown, RA Information Systems; Andrea Bolton Longbridge Technology Park, and James Chaffer, UKSPA