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Most of the lads and lasses lived in Whinney Banks Road as did June, and the ones I can remember are, from left to right: Jimmy Lavender from number 32, Colin Guy second left, to his left lower down Ronnie Guy, and to his left Gerald Stocker, Harold Wells from number 36, June Chaffer from number 26, David Walton from number 22, myself at number 24 and Brian Schumm who lived in School Avenue.
com ONLINE | MOBILE |TABLET CHAFFER REG A page in the book of memories is turned again today, so loved, so missed, you're remembered every day.
If our government did not have to chaffer with the London one, maybe the Swansea line and the Valleys lines would have been modernised by now.
Bandleader Don Chaffer (vocals/guitars) lost his mother to leukemia in July 2001; his father was diagnosed with cancer four months later.
Treasurer Phil Chaffer said: "For a first event of its kind, it was well-received.
Candidates for Hodge Hill: Phil Bennion (Lib Dem), Liam Byrne (Lab), Andy Chaffer (Communist), Albert Duffen (UKIP), Kieran Mullan (Cons), Chris Nash (Green).
Mary Pearson (president of Birmingham Trades Union Council), Paul Mackney (former secretary of Birmingham Trades Union Council), Andy Chaffer (depositor of the Birmingham Anti-Apartheid archive), Jolyon Jones (depositor of the NUPE Social Services/ Birmingham UNISON branch No4 archive), Dave Rogers (Banner Theatre)
Chaffer CL, Brueckmann I, Scheel C, Kaestli AJ, Wiggins PA, Rodrigues LO, et al.
Although RFC observers never received the status they deserved, the Germans considered the observer as captain of the aircraft and the pilot merely a chaffer who got him to his destination.