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T]hough they tried on hats and caps, till they put them out of shape; examined and tossed about the choicest goods, till they were so injured that they could be sold only at half price; ordered sundry articles, which, when finished, they returned, because they had changed their minds; or discovered that they did not want them; still their consciences were at ease, their honor was self-acquitted, and their generosity was self-applauded, if, after two or three hours of lounging, rummaging, faultfinding and chaffering, they purchased a yard or two of ribbon, or a few skanes of netting silk.
In his most interesting account of his travels, he tells us that in some of the islands, where there was no proper currency, he could not procure supplies for dinner without special bargain, and much chaffering upon each occasion.
In the afternoon the bumboat came off, laden with fresh provisions, and there was much checking and chaffering by the commissariat staff.