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Chafing at the delay, Hardyman was obliged to sit at his desk, signing checks and passing accounts, with the dogcart waiting in the stable yard.
One man, squatting on the floor between his outstretched feet and elevating them by resting them on his knees, was violently chafing his legs.
I am chilled to the very marrow of my bones," answered Aunt Myra, chafing the end of her purple nose with her sombre glove.
For what seemed many hours I awaited her return, chafing with impatience.
I tried to speak lightly to our worthy landlady, but I was myself somewhat uneasy when through the long night I still from time to time heard the dull sound of his tread, and knew how his keen spirit was chafing against this involuntary inaction.
asked Nicholas, chafing violently, and pacing the narrow room with rapid strides.
Anthony had discovered that he was not the proud master but the chafing captive of his generosity.
Thus the day wore on, for the hyenas were not famished, and the rope with which Tarzan was bound was a stronger one than that of his boyhood, which had parted so quickly to the chafing of the rough tree bark.
And glad should we be, could we inform the reader that both these bodies had been attended with equal success; for those who undertook the care of the lady succeeded so well, that, after the fit had continued a decent time, she again revived, to their great satisfaction: but as to the captain, all experiments of bleeding, chafing, dropping, &c.
So, Delia said she must give music lessons to keep the chafing dish bubbling.
The rasping, scorching sands were a man's hard hands chafing my naked chest.
The poor schoolmaster sat in the same place, holding the small cold hand in his, and chafing it.