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From some wilful caprice, that worthy pitched his tent at some distance from the main body, and tethered his invaluable steed beside it, from whence it was abstracted in the night, to the infinite chagrin and mortification of the hybrid interpreter.
Adam Salton's recollection was of an illimitable wait, filled with anxiety, hope, and chagrin, all dominated by a sense of the slow passage of time and accompanied by vague fears.
It was an hour before the apes could again bring themselves to approach the cabin to continue their investigations, and when they finally did so, they found to their chagrin that the door was closed and so securely fastened that they could not force it.
Surgical 17800 Chillicothe Road, Suite 103 Chagrin Falls, OH 44023 DA-Surgical.
OTC: QSMG) is negotiating to acquire US-based safety supply firm Chagrin Safety Supply for its consolidated holding company operations, the company said.
The committee also expressed its great chagrin over the absence of State minister Saira Afzal Tarar and secretary Rashida Malik, whose presence would have helped, resolve committee's recommendations regarding PMDC.
Marie Cosnay's Villa Chagrin (2006), the third title in a body of work that now includes eleven books, may not be a roman-fleuve in the strict sense of that term (indeed it may not even be a novel), but a river most certainly runs through it, from first page to last.
What started off with an email brought thousands of dollars of revenue to one small-town hardware store in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, in January.
Dollar Bank has said that it has opened its new Beachwood Branch on Chagrin Boulevard.
An early storm has brought frigid temperatures and unseasonal snowfall to Western Canada, to the mixed delight and chagrin of residents.
ISLAND FLYER and Backstage were sent off at short prices at Perth yesterday on the back of negative experiences on the Grand National course at Aintree - Island Flyer fell at the first in the Fox Hunters' and Backstage unseated in the Grand National - but both were pulled up, to the chagrin of their supporters.