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Chai is beating the world with an annual return of 52 per cent.
I have been to the place in Karachi called Chai Wala a few times.
Richard Todd, QC, for Miss Chai, argued Dr Peng "has not voluntarily paid a penny".
Chai Street's new Canton location takes the Mint and Mustard philosophy of fresh, healthy and delicious Indian food redefined for contemporary tastes and applying it to the exciting street foods of India to create the perfect food-on-the-go experience.
I especially liked the kadak chai which has a burst of energising cardamom and is unlike anything I have had before.
They have been told that one issue in the case is how big a payment Dr Khoo will make to Mrs Chai for the part she played in their 42-year "matrimonial partnership".
Since the advent of that time, chai has been used as a symbol of bonding, understanding, celebration, joy and a daily life routine in Pakistan.
Chai, a 66-year-old mother of five, filed for divorce in February putting an end to the wealthy couple's 42-year-old marriage.
As CHAI grew in strength, its vision got broadened.
M2 PHARMA-November 9, 2010-Abbott, CHAI team up to improve infant HIV testing in Africa(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Herzl Chai of Tel Aviv University's School of Mechanical Engineering, in collaboration with scientists from George Washington University and the U.
The product line is available in four frothy flavors: Original Spiced Chai Tea, Perfectly Chocolate Chai Tea, Heavenly Green Tea and Classic Hot Chocolate.