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Although Duda deduced the chain mail strategy from indirect experimental data, investigators plan to directly map HK97's capsid structure at atomic resolution by shining X rays through crystallized versions of it.
A photograph of the period shows Stanford and Bessie as portly and aging (though he was in his mid-thirties and she was in her late twenties), decked out in the attire of a knight and a Byzantine princess to a point of near-immobility, literally: Stanford was in chain mail.
Eventually the bows were made of steel, and a short bolt was shot out that had a range of about 1,000 feet and could penetrate chain mail.
Cloaked in chain mail surplices, they would pace forward, held fast by their handlers, yapping and growling until the order was given for them to be unleashed upon the Indians.
He said: "When you're feeding, you wear chain mail over your wetsuit.
From triangles and wrapped metal clay to chain mail weaves and romantic flowers, this teaches the basics of working with various mediums and techniques, offers projects from a range of designers rather than a single one, and is packed with ideas beginning jewelry designers will love.
The Absolute Beginner's Guide: Making Chain Mail Jewelry
Some donned superhero dress, others chain mail in the vein of St George, as they remained in good spirits despite the rain playing havoc with yet another international match in Birmingham.
TERRORISTS are using a Facebook chain mail about six soldiers killed in a bomb blast to target Scottish troops.
MAYBE it was that chain mail dress but it was certainly Beyonce's night.
During their shows, two performers wear chain mail suits in order to protect them from the lightning onstage.
Floral dress, pounds 68; chain mail bag, pounds 36, Urban Outfitters.