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While standing on a platform 20 feet in the air, Blaine will wear a Farraday suit, a suit of stainless-steel chain mail that acts as an electric conductor but also protects him from any of the danger the electric current produces.
With sweat filling my eyes, chain mail squeezing my pits and an enormous wooden shield spanking my biceps, I was given my marching orders.
He helps make a fiberglass replica of sharks for fisherman who release their catch and, in his dirtiest job of SHARK WEEK, Mike heads to the Bahamas to test a chain mail shark suit -- in the middle of a feeding frenzy of Caribbean reef sharks.
Guest," 2004-, a series of small sheets of chain mail that mold themselves to the contours of their situation, draws on the rigorous but open-ended formal experimentation of forebears such as Eva Hesse and Barry Le Va but also sees the artist recuperate elements of her own earlier works made of similar materials.
However, because of the chain mail gloves, I only felt pressure.
He's wearing a pair of chain mail gloves, as a shark once bit his hand.
They included the names of all the actors, producers, editors, gaffers, grips, best boys, dialect coaches, steelworkers, wig makers, horse-makeup artists, horseshoers, and even the two guys in charge of the chain mail.
Even the manner in which Muffs was introduced to the Neustadt Prize jury--through photocopies of his work--sounds familiar: I have friends who call themselves the "Xerox gang," who pass photocopies of photocopies to each other in an endless chain mail.
Just as important is an email policy that prevents the waste of employee time and computer resources due to junk mail, spam, chain mail, and other frivolous or nonproductive mail.
He then realized that the protein rings might not just chemically bond to each other but might also physically interlink like the metal rings of chain mail.
A photograph of the period shows Stanford and Bessie as portly and aging (though he was in his mid-thirties and she was in her late twenties), decked out in the attire of a knight and a Byzantine princess to a point of near-immobility, literally: Stanford was in chain mail.
The Absolute Beginner's Guide: Making Chain Mail Jewelry