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Do, Grandfather, talk to us about this chair," she repeated.
Well, child," said Grandfather, patting Clara's cheek, "I can tell you a great many stories of my chair.
His young fancy kindled at the idea of knowing all the adventures of this venerable chair.
The eyes revealed themselves, bright with the glassy film of death--and fixed their dreadful look on the woman in the chair.
I may as well see one real chair, as two or three complete sets of false ones," said Tom, bringing out his head from under the bedclothes.
The carving of the back gradually assumed the lineaments and expression of an old, shrivelled human face; the damask cushion became an antique, flapped waistcoat; the round knobs grew into a couple of feet, encased in red cloth slippers; and the whole chair looked like a very ugly old man, of the previous century, with his arms akimbo.
The old man seemed gradually blending into the chair, the damask waistcoat to resolve into a cushion, the red slippers to shrink into little red cloth bags.
The block-and-tackle, running like a trolley on the overhead track, made it possible for the assistant to seize his tail and drag him through the air till he was above the chair.
Once more he was swung into position by his tail, jabbed in the chest, and lowered suddenly on the run--but so suddenly, with a frantic twist of his body on his part, that he fell violently across the chair on his belly.
Over the chair, he was dropped, and for a fraction of a second the posture was his of a man sitting in a chair.
Put these things together in your own mind, and you will know what my thoughts were, as I sat waiting for events in my chair, without my telling you.
Hopping down the room, he overthrew, one after another, all the smaller and lighter chairs as he passed them; arrived at the end, he turned, surveyed the prostrate chairs, encouraged himself with a scream of triumph, and leaped rapidly over chair after chair on his hands--his limbless body now thrown back from the shoulders, and now thrown forward to keep the balance--in a manner at once wonderful and horrible to behold.