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Approaching the top, it became apparent this was a one-way chairlift and you couldn't come back down on it.
Director Galiyat Development Authority (GDA) Raza Habib told that the temporary repairing of the chairlift would cost around Rs.
The rail of the chairlift was tailor-made to fit into the extreme steep and narrow surroundings of the tower[acute accent]s staircase with seven spirals, a total of 91 steps and an average tread with of 380 mm only.
Photographer Terry Comerford, who captured the happy couple's chairlift ride, said: "They were so excited about it and Georgina couldn't wait to for the chairlift to set off.
By the time Hoodoo's 50th anniversary rolled around in 1988, skiers were celebrating the installation of the Manzanita lift, a triple chair that replaced the two-person "blue" chairlift.
The Chief Minister said that in case of the construction of international standard, the leasing out of Malam Jabba Skiing, Hotels and Chairlift for a period of 33 years to private sector would also be given 20 years extension to the agreement.
In addition to the ASTR video, Absolut's Encore Sessions also recently released videos and interviews with Lou Doillon , Quadron , Chairlift and NoNoNo .
The Health and Safety Executive have only managed an initial assessment of what happened when the Snowy Oil Chairlift derailed.
There are no details on the extent of injuries as yet, but the focus is currently on evacuating those injured and rescuing those who remain on the chairlift.
1995 - The Polar Express, a four-passenger, high-speed chairlift, goes to the summit.
The site is also the new home of two endangered young tigers and relaunched its chairlift last month after it had been closed for 12 years.
Ten people were killed as a chairlift broke, hurling passengers into a 650ft ravine in a remote town in north-west Pakistan.