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Following are the names of the chairmen and deputy chairmen appointed by the Board for 2005:
I don't think you can underestimate the power of chairmen,'' said Mary Beth Sullivan, legislative counsel for the California Institute, a Washington think tank focusing on Golden State issues.
ex-CEOs become non-executive chairmen, often in two or three companies simultaneously.
Buchanan Carolina Foundry Supply Directors (Terms Expire 1991) Ben Grigg Grede/Roberts Div Roger Hatcher Hatcher-Sayre, Inc Jim Russell Foundry Service Directors (Terms Expire 1992) Doug Tolbert Piedmont Foundry Supply Robert Mathews Grinnell Corp Dave Kundis Newport News Shipbuilding Membership Chairmen Charles Perkins Foseco, Inc (*)130 Gross Point Dr Huddleston, VA 24104 800/321-3122 Greg Kullich Miller and Co (*)Rt #5, Box 408 Clover, SC 29710 Education Chairman J.
The Federal Reserve Board on October 10, 2003, announced the appointment of the chairmen and deputy chairmen of the twelve Federal Reserve Banks for 2004.
Committee chairmen receive an additional $9,000, committee members an additional $6,000, plus $1,000 per special meeting.