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CHAIRMAN. The presiding officer of a committee; as, chairman of the committee of ways and means. The person selected to preside over a popular meeting, is also called a chairman or moderator.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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He also visited the Computer Lab and Activity Room, which had recently been established by the chairperson with a vision to equip children with modern technologies and the latest trends.
The chairpersons of five educational boards of the province would be completing their term on September 30.
Mr Siddique shall work as Tevta chairperson as pro bono.
Opposition parties had nominated Hasil Bizenjo as their candidate for the post of Senate chairperson.
The Chairperson will be appointed by a committee comprising of the Prime Minister, the Lok Sabha Speaker, the Home Minister, Deputy Chairman of Lok Sabha and leaders of the largest opposition parties in both houses," he said.
Search For Justice Chairperson Iftikhar Mubarik said since Fauzia's contribution to the institution and her role in safeguarding women's rights is matchless such actions should be avoided.
On the other hand, former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said: 'Today, it is evident that the NAB chairperson is being blackmailed and pressure is being built to take action against the Opposition.'
Gumbo was appointed to be the chairperson of the Board of Kenyatta National Hospital for period of three years.
The Peleng-based club issued a statement on April 18 last week reinstating their chairperson with immediate effect.
Chairperson, deputy chairperson and advisors of the administrative Court of Justice
Cork chairperson Tracey Kennedy reported to Monday night's Cork County Board meeting that the Cloyne clubman had told the Executive that he wished to seek a nomination to run for Uachtaran next year, to which the Executive had agreed.