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See: impeach
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In addition, it also bears with it the risk that it will challenge the credibility of governments in the region that are committed to European integration, he said.
Chaudhry Tanveer said they are collecting proofs and will soon challenge the credibility of the elections.
As for the backlash factions, one camp focuses on the dangers of false reports, which can ruin the lives of the falsely accused and challenge the credibility of all accusers.
He said it was necessary that the election machinery was capable and neutral so that no one could challenge the credibility of the election process.
Hence, I challenge the credibility of (Zahid's) method of evaluation,' Puad wrote on Facebook.
When reaching its decision on March 14, the court referred to the different versions given by the 71-year-old during his trial in his defence's attempt to challenge the credibility of the main witness, the eldest son of the family, Alexandros, 24.
'Last week the count was 8, the statistics of Kashmiris' sufferings on various counts, as a result of Indian barbarities and impunity with which Indian forces are committing the crimes against humanity, challenge the credibility of International community's commitment to human rights, particularly the so-called protectors and defenders of human rights.'
In a statement issued on Saturday, the commission warns of what it describes as denigration campaigns orchestrated for dubious reasons that challenge the credibility of the authority and target its members and its president.
We have to add to this the cumbersome and difficult land acquisition and labour laws that challenge the credibility of "Make in India".
Although the basic information on the various aspects, debates, and issues pertaining to public spaces is well presented, and often based on field research of the authors, the occasional grammatical errors make certain aspects more challenging to understand than need be, while typographical faults and minor mistakes in titles seem unnecessarily bothersome and challenge the credibility of the publisher.
And Russell said finding other witnesses to challenge the credibility of those who testified against Davis was tough.
A few wrong reports cant challenge the credibility of a laboratory." There have been incidents of missing reports from the government hospitals and laboratories as well.

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