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Oh, I am not challenging your sincerity," Ernest continued.
Higher and higher it arose, challenging and demanding in such profounds of volume that it seemed intended for ears beyond the narrow confines of the solar system.
The captain had it conveyed to the Polygon at Washington, challenging the president of the Gun Club to break it.
Here he exhibited some of his dominating traits by challenging a champion from the other army and killing him in classical fashion in single combat between the lines.
she added, challenging the officer with a shy glance.
Other parts of the letter seemed to have a challenging tone--as if daring them(the Fynes) to approve her conduct.
Leaping to his feet he screamed out a volley of "Kreegahs," punctuated from time to time by the blood-freezing cry of an angry, challenging bull--a rage-mad bull with the blood lust strong upon him.
The old awe departed, and they grew equal to challenging his authority.
In June of 2004, FFRF officials decided to attack the Bush faith-based initiative by filing a federal lawsuit challenging the creation of various faith-based offices at federal agencies and targeting the conferences.
The report notes that a serious shortage of talent looms on the horizon, challenging all industries, including property management.
Together, the United States and Japan must continue to offer both countries a constructive course of integration into the international system: challenging a rising China to rise also to its global responsibilities; encouraging India to play a role in world affairs befitting a thriving democracy of over one billion people.
As nursing homes admit more residents with Alzheimer's disease, psychiatric disorders, and other conditions often associated with challenging behaviors, staff are faced with increasing incidents of resident violence.