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CHAMPION. He who fights for another, or takes his place in a quarrel; it also includes him who fights his own battles. Bract. lib. 4, t. 2, c. 12.

References in classic literature ?
But my friend would be glad of a glass of sherry, I'm sure, to keep out the cold and drink success to the Latin champion.
demanded the dark champion, pointing to the priest disdainfully.
David offered himself to Saul to fight with Goliath, the Philistine champion, and, to give him courage, Saul armed him with his own weapons; which David rejected as soon as he had them on his back, saying he could make no use of them, and that he wished to meet the enemy with his sling and his knife.
O Lord of Hosts," cried a voice among the crowd, "provide a Champion for thy people
But her own champion was now preparing to enter the lists.
continued the young enquirer, a candid Thorley, who was evidently preparing to enter the lists as the lady's champion.
This icon of the Venerable Sergius, the servant of God and zealous champion of old of our country's weal, is offered to Your Imperial Majesty.
And, be it remembered, the heroes of Hambledon played for money and renown only, while David was champion of a lady.
Our greatest Champion, Overman-Anu, once climbed the spiral stairway and fought nine days with the Gargoyles before he could escape them and come back; but he could never be induced to describe the dreadful creatures, and soon afterward a bear caught him and ate him up.
The little champion of Rum Alley stumbled precipitately down the other side.
And the song he sang was of Roland, the great champion of Charlemagne.
I'll give you the worst thrashing you ever had in your life," Dobbin said, in reply to the first part of Cuff's sentence; and little Osborne, gasping and in tears, looked up with wonder and incredulity at seeing this amazing champion put up suddenly to defend him: while Cuff's astonishment was scarcely less.