chance occurrence

See: act of god
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350-400 million years ago, a chance occurrence struck four-limbed creatures that roamed the earth.
Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb" (1964) is a catch-all for nearly every type of absurdity (including the chance occurrence of a person in power, like Sterling Hayden's General Jack D.
Running into a classmate and setting up your next meeting for your group project or engaging with that hard to reach professor while you both wait in line for lunch is no longer a chance occurrence, but an everyday reality.
The probability that these alignments are just a chance occurrence is 0.
e chance occurrence happened not long after Joan had moved into the village from Cheshire with her parents, who became landlords of the Shoulder of Mutton at Church Lane.
Graham is proud to have played a part in that success story - but he might never have done so had it not been for a chance occurrence when he was at university.
The curtain to be parted" is a theme that winds and builds uncannily through Blue Sonoma, intimating thresholds or screens that both protect and betray us, membranes between presence and vacancy, life and sleep and dreams and death, chance occurrence and meaning--and begging philosophical questions of the relation of appearances, reflections and projections to reality.
Genetic testing showed the parents aren't carriers - it is a chance occurrence to have not one, but two, children with the condition.
Wednesday MARATHON man Eddie Izzard takes time to stand still (ish) for some stand up, exercising his agile mind in Force Majeure (which means superior force or chance occurrence in French).
Six years later, a chance occurrence in a cafe led to a phone call by Wolf that initiated their partnership.
The tour, which means superior force or chance occurrence in French, is set to be the most extensive comedy tour ever, with Eddie visiting 25 countries in total.