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CHANCE, accident. As the law punishes a crime only when there is an intention to commit it, it follows that when those acts are done in a lawful business or pursuit by mere chance or accident, which would have been criminal if there had been an intention, express or implied, to commit them, there is no crime. For example, if workmen were employed in blasting rocks in a retired field, and a person not knowing of the circumstance should enter the field, and be killed by a piece of the rock, there would be no guilt in the workmen. 1 East, P. C. 262 Poster, 262; 1 Hale's P. C. 472; 4 Bl. Com. 192. Vide Accident.

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The picture is believed to have been taken in October, 1921, by a holidaymaker who chanced upon Shackleton and his team inMadeira on theway to his final Antarctic expedition.
AFTER getting lost in Warwick I chanced upon the Westgate Fish Bar close to Warwick Castle.
I CHANCED upon a group of yobs attempting to demolish a bus shelter by means of vicious karate kicks the other evening in Twickenham Drive, Leasowe.
Myosotis, as Latin scholars call it, likes being beside a stream and once upon a medieval time was chanced upon by a German knight, picnicking on the banks of the Danube with his young lady.
In looking around for some information about quality for this month's issue, I chanced upon an analysis produced by the Power Information Network (PIN), which is a division of J.D.
My children have chanced upon one early gift already.
During a quiet few milliseconds in the office, we chanced upon the website at which you can convert your own name into its Brazilian equivalent (apparently).
Resigned to a bill for several thousand pounds to get the thing to run more cleanly, he chanced upon an ad for BP Ultimate Unleaded Diesel, claiming to reduce emissions, so he filled his tank up.
The political moral of Layard's story is that we are duty-bound to contrive a more Swedish America (and Britain), a point the prescient Labour Party economist was pressing years before he chanced upon the exciting "new science" of happiness.
We started in Beijing, and before setting off on the trek proper we had a chance to see some touristy sights like Tiananmen Square, where we chanced upon teams of people in blue overalls peeling chewing gum off the pave stones.
Turning on the TV, I chanced upon Peter Mandelson talking about his planned appointment to the European Commission.
The group had chanced upon the cave for the first time while exploring the hillside's many fluid-filled conduits.