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Chancier, supra note 141, at 123 (noting that Henry Ford alone represented the shareholder majority in Ford Motor Company).
The list of participants included the likes of Wayne Shorter, Patti Austin, Quincy Jones (introducing his protege--Alfredo Rodriguez), Jack Sheldon, Ndugu Chancier, Kenny G, Norman Brown, Pete Escovedo, Luis Conte, Susie Hansen, Johnny Polanco, and Erin Davis (Miles Davis son).
The whole endeavor is more expensive and chancier," Channick says, summarizing the field's predicament.
Things this fall could get interesting; although President Bush is suffering from record low approval rates and Congress has overridden several of his recent vetoes, election dynamics are always subject to change, and an appropriations veto override could be chancier then than it might seem now.
For most short-term goals--such as saving up for a new car, living room furniture or a luxury vacation--it's fine to take chancier investments.
The more liberties people have, the more varied the choices and the chancier the environment.
The official historical totals do not include the delegations sent by the states readmitted by Johnson's order; when those numbers were added, the partisan picture must have looked a good deal chancier.
Then, a university education almost guaranteed a successful career, while the current economic climate makes the post-college world much chancier.
According to Chancier Sheikhar Panchani, three religions are harmoniously coexisting in Arunachal Pradesh: Hinduism in the foothills, animism in the central stretch of the hills, and Buddhism in the higher Himalayan frontiers.
This higher level of formality comes at the cost of greater institutional rigidity, which makes the process of self-correction through political deliberation chancier than it is with private associations, where it is difficult enough.
Rather than taking an orthodox stand as either a "foundationalist" or a "constructivist," I hope to use Faulkner's materialist aesthetics--his deep interest both in the imbrication of nature in the textual condition and in the materialities of written and spoken language--to triangulate a third, chancier position, in a liminal space somewhere between what we often take to be the discrete and even contradictory realms of "built" textuality and "unbuilt" land.
With so much riding on an ace, the IG bet is a chancier