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It is at once considered a 'lucky game', determined by its unpredictability and chanciness, and a highly structured, socially meaningful practice.
The practice of teaching comprises the intentionally designed activity of reducing that chanciness, that is, of increasing the probability that students will attain specific intended goals (for detailed perspectives on the goals and intricacy of the work, see Cohen, in press; Lampert, 2001; Lee, 2007).
Thus, to call Dreiser's market a place where "accidents will happen," as Walter Benn Michaels does--where cunning in Philadelphia cannot outwit bad luck in Chicago--is to register only its chanciness.
the practice of precedent) seems to have absorbed some of the uncontrollable chanciness of ordinary embodied existence.
In discussing cloning, for example, Kass expounds evocatively on sexual reproduction's commingling of the parents' genetic lines, its connection to sexuality and marriage, its chanciness and lack of full parental control.
The chanciness of predicted outcomes is especially acute in human affairs where cultural factors play a part.
A]ccomplished historian Margaret MacMillan draws together the colorful strands of the drama, with all its inherent chanciness and tension.
And yet within the framework of inevitability, the narrative reminds us of the chanciness of the protagonist's elevation to the status of "heroine.
However, given Indian's size, his assigned cruising grounds and the chanciness of prize taking, he had a goodly number of captures and reasonable luck in the percentage of those captures which proved to be "good and lawful prize".
Once again the chanciness of baseball played an essential part in Hubbell's career.