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The CCTV recording showed that as Mulvenna landed about a dozen punches, other people moved in; and as they pulled him away he aimed a kick at the motionless Mr Chandler.
Lynne Chandler Novick's simplified website navigation and enhanced search capability make it quick and easy for the visitor to find the information they are looking for.
Chandler, a Fitchburg native and graduate of Harvard Law School, founded one of the city's more successful small law firms, Seder & Chandler, where he still goes into work almost every day.
We have been treated like caged animals," Rachel Chandler said in a rare interview broadcast on Britain's ITN channel.
Tygiel, Slocum, and others, meanwhile, dismiss Chandler too quickly.
Union Bank of Chandler will keep its current name until the fourth quarter of the year, after which it will be renamed to BancFirst Chandler and run by Union National's chief executive, Ben Walkingstick.
In a phone call before the demand was made public, Mrs Chandler urged her family not to worry, saying she and Paul were "safe" and described their captors as "very hospitable people".
After a complicated series of phone calls which ended with reporters being asked to call two numbers at the same time, ITV News's UK editor Angus Walker spoke to Mr Chandler.
If you recall, Chandler and Gary Johnson, the other co-owner of Chandler-Johnson, were hit with three foreclosure lawsuits in June.
Chandler was the scion of a family that wielded financial and political power in the Los Angeles area for decades.