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Before they fell prey to Somali pirates, the Chandlers were living their retirement dreams.
While they were not physically tortured, except once when they refused to be split, the Chandlers said the amount of emotional torture subjected to them was wrenching.
Mohamed Aden Tiiceey, the governor of the Himan and Heeb administration, the jurisdiction where the Chandlers were held, said their release "is a huge relief for them, their families and for us".
His captors had not asked for a ransom, Mr Chandler said: "Not officially - they kept asking for money and took everything of value on the boat.
MrWalker asked Mr Chandler how he was being treated.
Mr Chandler replied: "Well, that's awfully nice" and laughed.
Otis Chandler was the son of Times publisher Norman Chandler and great-grandson of Times founder Harrison Gray Otis.
His mother was Dorothy Chandler, the philanthropist and arts patron who led a campaign in the 1950s to save the financially troubled Hollywood Bowl and a drive to build a permanent home for the Los Angeles Philharmonic--the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.
Chandler was groomed from an early age to take control of the family's newspaper.
Chandler has recently sold the firm's last betting shop, in Newmarket, but he has been active in buying rails pitches, notably at Chester, Doncaster and Haydock.
A separate company will continue to operate at 13 British racecourses, but Victor Chandler himself, a landmark on Britain's racecourses, will not be seen on the rails for the foreseeable future.