change back

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I'll go you," Martin answered, attempting to pay for the current Scotch and soda with the last change from his two dollars and seeing the waiter bullied by Brissenden into putting that change back on the table.
So they change back again, and come to the conclusion that the man has given them the wrong set altogether; and over their mutual abuse of this man they become quite friendly and sympathetic.
I was so provoked that I gave her the change back (as the saying is) in her own coin.
When, however, the freedom ceases the change back or relapse comes quickly, preceeded only by a spell of warning silence.
But Ulysses would not be pacified until Circe had taken a solemn oath to change back his companions, and as many others as he should direct, from their present forms of beast or bird into their former shapes of men.
50, because 30 fils doesn't exist, and I can't get my change back," said Dina.
In her keynote address, Ms Michie said: "We are moving forward with cautious optimism, recognising that oil market fundamentals have changed almost beyond recognition in the last 10 years and that they are not going to change back any time soon.
Road traffic planners must hold some responsibility for I can't be the only one for whom traffic lights go to red as I approach them, then change back to green some time later with no car or pedestrian seen during this period.
After a near two-year silence on the issue, EU officials should be pleased to see US President Barack Obama reinsert climate change back into his policy agenda.
If this is the true situation, I give it a month before the pensioners of Harborne force a change back to the original route for this bus.
She'll arrive in designer clothes, change into comfy stuff, and then change back and do her make-up before she lands.
The next morning, Dave and Mitch are trapped in each other's bodies and have no obvious way to change back.