change course

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"I'm calling on the new government to change course and save these jobs."
Kirklees Cabinet has signed off introducing the What's Driving Us and Driving For Change courses.
THE officer in charge of a ferry that hit a fishing boat, killing a crewman, was twice warned to change course before the collision.
Earlier, Yonatan Shapira, a former Israeli military pilot Israeli on board, said the navy had made contact and ordered the "Irene" to change course.
JERUSALEM: The Israeli navy has given a Gaza-bound Libyan aid ship until midnight Tuesday to change course for Egypt, an activist on board told AFP, with the military confirming it was preparing to stop the vessel.
The Israeli navy warned the vessel on Tuesday to change course, and said it had "begun preparations for stopping the ship".
Funded by a National Science Foundation Geosciences Award, the Tribal College Climate Change Course Series helps students and faculty at small, often remote tribal colleges gain entree to science courses to which they might not otherwise have access, according to Katherine Mitchell, director of STEM Initiatives at AIHEC.
October 1 is a landmark date for Syria to decide whether or not it wants to continue with its current alliance with Iran because after this date it will be very difficult for Damascus to change course, columnist Nassir Assaad said Wednesday in the Hariri-owned daily AL MUSTAQBAL.
Now, many of those who did are angry, feeling betrayed by a president who cost them their election races by convincing them to campaign on a "stay the course" theme, while he was getting ready to dump Rumsfeld and change course. The day after the election, the president announced Rumsfeld's resignation.
But now we see the downside of this message of resoluteness: Bush has made it difficult to change course to reflect new realities.