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They said we were approaching an area under naval blockade and told us to change course," Shapira told AFP by satellite telephone, saying the boat was about 20 miles from the Gaza coast.
Zwei said the navy had "threatened to send their warships to intercept the boat and escort it toward the (southern Israeli) port of Ashdod if we do not change course.
Although the Climate Change course is part of an AIHEC initiative to help TCUs build capacity to develop and sustain STEM education and research programs, tribal colleges have created the course structure and materials, Mitchell says.
When they blunder, they are quick to see their mistakes and change course to correct the problem.
The bulk of points are awarded for the agility of the dog,and the number of times it forces the hare to change course.
Winslow's instincts prompted her to change course three years ago to pursue her dream of becoming an author.
Peppering his address with nautical anecdotes, Dwyer said the county must seek creative solutions to problems, even if it means changing course from time to time - unlike the captain of a warship who received word that the ship had approached a large, unknown obstacle yet refused to change course.
The charter jet from Moscow had apparently ignored warnings from ground control to change course before the collision over Germany with a cargo aircraft being flown by a British pilot.
MMM impact: The most useful courses were the Management of Change course and the finance courses.
Whether it is a young man spying his father embracing his mother's sister, a young girl witnessing the sexual abuse of her best friend's sister, or a surviving sister realizing that she was her mother's favorite child after all, we know that these characters' views of the world have been transformed: their lives change course because they finally see and understand the world around them.
The European bancassurance movement began to change course when banks discovered that high-net-worth customers wanted a broader selection of products and providers.
Entrepreneurship is the recognition and pursuit of opportunity without regard to the resources you currently control, with confidence that you can succeed, with the flexibility to change course as necessary and with the will to rebound from setbacks," Reiss says.