change course

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Zarif expressed confidence that Riyadh has no choice but to change course as it is now under immense international pressure, saying that he will discuss the matter with his European counterparts in Brussels.
Earlier, Yonatan Shapira, a former Israeli military pilot Israeli on board, said the navy had made contact and ordered the "Irene" to change course.
Organisers on board said the navy warned it would take over the ship if it did not change course.
Israeli authorities have given us until midnight tonight (2100 GMT) to change course and head to the port of El-Arish, otherwise they are threatening to intercept the boat with their navy," Mashallah Zwei told AFP by satellite phone.
For instance, if a tribal college is lacking a class in dendrochronology, the science of tree-ring dating that is helpful in understanding the impact of climate change over long periods of time, the Climate Change Course allows students and faculty to share online class material created by Dr.
When he does change course, it seems disingenuous and political.
When they blunder, they are quick to see their mistakes and change course to correct the problem.
A 30-year-old Greek drove his car under parked aircraft at the Larnaca airport and forced a Cyprus Airways jet, which had just landed, to change course to avoid collision.
They note that management at these institutions is agile--able to change course quickly--and dedicated.
Sean Morley, 39, has had to change course due to bad weather.
Can we not get the bishops to change course and correct the damage done to the Church since Vatican II?
The bulk of points are awarded for the agility of the dog,and the number of times it forces the hare to change course.