change direction

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Rick DeSantis is urging his citizens to not let their guard down, as the storm could still change direction again and make landfall.
Baru also said that PKMM, as an umbrella organisation serving the interest of members, must also be mindful of changes that are happening and be able to change direction swiftly in mobilising efforts in an organised way, in tandem with the flow of change.
You can't run as quick or change direction as quickly."
Director PMD, Shahid Abbas told private news channel that the weather in provincial capital is expected to rise to 38AdegC to 40AdegC and adding that sea winds will change direction with winds from the north-west being the reason for the hot weather.
The PMD director further said, "Sea winds will change direction with winds from the north-west being the reason for the hot weather."
This may be good for companies and consumers but not for workers who need to change direction. * Adel Murad is a senior motoring and business journalist based in London.
Biden will also participate in an in-studio interview with SiriusXM on Monday to highlight the important work that Joining Forces and Give an Hour are doing to change the culture of mental health through the Campaign to Change Direction. The interview will air on SiriusXMs Urban View channel 126 Thursday, November 24 at 6:00 pm ET.
Classically agility is defined simply as "the ability to change direction rapidly" (Bloomfield, Ackland & Elliot, 1994) or "the ability to change direction rapidly and accurately" (Barrow & McGee, 1971).
Fire chief Stephen Rossiter warned: "Grass fires are very, very dangerous - at the bat of an eyelid they can change direction and start to chase you."
It's also important to remember that giving a signal does not mean that other road users must give way to you or that you can automatically change direction without taking care and giving way.
But that will not satisfy many Tories and former Cabinet MINISTER Lord Forsyth demanded yesterday that Mr Osborne drop his talk of austerity and "change direction" completely.
In these areas, wind will change direction from north-westerly to westerly at times, and easterly wind will blow in internal and mountainous areas.