change direction

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Once the athlete feels under control, his body will then be able to change direction.
After last year's expansive, engrossing large-ensemble effort, ``The Grand Unification Theory,'' Harris really had no other choice but to change direction.
If Europa possessed a permanent, rather than an induced, magnetic field, it would not change direction, she notes.
Likewise, it takes more force to make those giant football tackles change direction or speed.
At eighty, I think I'm entitled to change direction and leave behind the perpetual struggles of gathering boards, finding money, just surviving.
2005 saw a number of macro-economic indicators, which had previously contributed to a declining non-standard population, change direction.
Nor does she expect the market to change direction.
X rays lose some energy and change direction as they strike electrons in the crystal.
body at tremendous speeds, propel himself vertically and horizontally, and change direction in the twinkling of an eye - while maintaining perfect body control.
According to Newton's first law of motion (also called the law of inertia), he would continue moving horizontally until a force made him stop or change direction.
They change direction, change their views and preferences often and easily.