change direction

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Jupiter therefore, would have appeared to change direction for several weeks before changing direction again continuing its easterly drift - and this change in motion may have been observed and considered a sign by The Three Wise Men.
Thirty two is seen as the best age to start in a new profession, and the recession further encouraged workers to change direction.
3 : to change direction as if turning on a central point <I wheeled and faced them.
The scouts have been working for several months on people and we certainly won't change direction now.
Experts also want to find out why stroke patients are less able to change direction or change their stride, which are both vital for independent mobility.
Thinly capitalized, lacking experience, unable to change direction, some developers are hard-pressed to meet the demands and expectations of a more sophisticated buyer-centric market.
and couldn't change direction once he got going"], is asked to head up an investigation into the latest in a series of bombings in disparate locations across the US, which appear to have implications of union harassment.
Traffic on Stanley Street will also change direction to run towards Dale Street and Cumberland Street will change direction with traffic running towards Victoria Street.
The just-completed election was a declaration to all that now is the time to change direction in Washington," boasted incoming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (DNev.
This is one of my favorite exercises; it literally keeps you on your toes, and ready to change direction.
As the Chinese proverb says, "If we don't change direction we're likely to end up where we're headed.
But so can drivers who drive at a snail's pace and who refuse to indicate when they change direction.