change of direction

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Similarly, agility showed no improvement when sprint training without change of direction was applied alone (24-26).
Ms Shortall said: "I think we'll see a lot of movement internally from the grassroots of the party and I believe Colm Keaveney will focus on his desire for a change of direction within the party."
Lateral change of direction technique is no different.
Problems arise when the change of direction is made too quickly or aggressively and your upper body lunges forward causing the club to swing across the ball.
Barker's change of direction started with his previous novel, Sacrament.
As his new TV comedy show topped the ratings, Freddie decided it was time for a change of direction.
The goal is to zigzag toward the mark as fast as possible, without losing time with each change of direction. And that takes incredible teamwork.
Was it a worthwhile trade, a good shift, this change of direction? Will it be a worthwhile career?
The way in needed a change of direction at this tract house in Inglewood, California.
NEW Energy Secretary Ed Davey yesterday vowed there would be "no change of direction" on wind power as he opened the world's biggest offshore turbine farm.
Come the conclusion, the McLaren star was handed a retrospective drive-through penalty for making "more than one change of direction to defend a position".
(2006) also reported that the forward lean of the body or the postural adjustment technique played a key role in the performance of a change of direction. By reviewing research, they arrived at the conclusion that body lean and posture is important for change-of-direction performance.