change of hands

See: devolution
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Cunningly resuming his former position, though with a change of hands, as if the movement had been made merely to relieve the limb, the native awaited the result with a calmness and fortitude that none but an Indian warrior would have known how to exercise.
Second-tier stocks were in demand with Dewan Cement taking the place of volume leader with change of hands in 30m shares.
Not only did they bring plenty of sand to result in poor visibility at the Awali Golf Club (AWC) but a change of hands for the Crown Prince Cup .
The change of hands took place on Tuesday night and a report in this regard was submitted in the Sindh High Court, the SSP told.
Volumes were high due to significant interest in small cap stocks, while there was a change of hands as far as holdings of main board scrips are concerned.
Regarding the swift change of hands before the final ball, he added: "I've made 11 (maximums) right-handed.
Regarding the change of hands before the final ball, he added: "I've made 11 (maximums) righthanded.
New York (AirGuideBusiness - Business & Industry News) Wed, Jan 29, 2014 - The two gates American Airlines must divest at Dallas' Love Field as part of its merger settlement with the Department of Justice are awaiting a change of hands, but it remains unclear when another airline will get them.
Although there were some players exiting the industry and a change of hands of some establishments, we have not experienced major bad debt in our books.
We are pleased to say this change of hands will not affect Greene King's leasehold and it's business as usual for our customers at the Claude.
It is understood the bars will remain open for advertised New Year's Eve events tonight, despite the change of hands.
CHANGE OF HANDS Mark Schwarzer is wanted by Arsenal to solve their goalkeeping problems