change ownership

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The Trust owns more than 21 per cent of the shares in the football club and wish to make it known at the moment that they do not believe that there is a need for the club to change ownership or proceed with the deal.
Most Blues fans regard the club's owners as the worst in English football and that there is a desperate need to change ownership of the club.
Plans by the Italian government to change ownership rules for local cooperative banks, Popolari, could hasten mergers in the sector.
Shores True Value Hardware in Cave Springs will change ownership on Jan.
Retail expert Nick Bubb said yesterday's announcement was likely to see large swathes of the high street change ownership as Baugur is forced to stump up cash to repay debts.
Can we just change ownership details at the Land Registry, or do we have to go through conveyancing and pay stamp duty?
LOW-COST hotel chain Travelodge is set to change ownership as it moves close to collapsing under a mountain of debts, it was reported yesterday.
Chainrai has held discussions with a South African consortium over a possible takeover of the Fratton Park club, which could be completed as early as today, but his spokesman, Phil Hall, insists there must be proof of the required funds before the club change ownership.
Since there are 120,000 convenience stores and over a thousand of them open, close or change ownership every month, many consumer packaged goods manufacturers and distributors selling to this dynamic trade class use Trade Dimensions to ensure they have the most accurate and organized retail information.
Some customers have seen their banks change ownership more than three or four times in the last two years and that's unsettling.
will change ownership within the next two weeks through a management-led buyout of the company, strongly capitalized by Goldner Hawn Johnson & Morrison Incorporated (GHJ&M).
These houses still change ownership at prices sometimes up to double the average - proof they were constructed to the highest standards.