change place

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There are thousands of miserable women who would ask for no greater blessing than to change places with you.
It comprised $973,800 to change place the airport s apron, which is the area where planes are parked, unloaded, refueled and boarded.
The continuity sucks - wounds appear and disappear in a split second, handcuffs mysteriously change place, landmines are mentioned and then immediately forgotten when it is time to drive across them.
Immigration is from two Latin words in 'in' and 'migrare' to change place so the combination means 'to change place and move into somewhere different'.
When Australia, New Zealand and South Africa went metric in the 1970s they did not change place names.
Spare a thought and a prayer for those unfortunate people who would love to change places with you,if only for a short break.
Hats off to all the candidates - I wouldn't change places with them for all the tea in China.
I cannot imagine anyone ever wanting to change places with her.
This change places Clinical Chemistry in the top 3% of all published journals; the immediacy index is 1.
They will change places again if the Worksop golfer takes the title on Sunday and a finish in the top five could be good enough depending on where Donald comes.
No doubt the cynics will cry out that we would all change places with Mr Rooney and the record lotto winner.