change places

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There are thousands of miserable women who would ask for no greater blessing than to change places with you.
You could try simply pushing the poles of a sphere toward each other, as if to make them pass through each other and change places.
The notice also indicates that, to be consistent with the policy of encouraging voluntary compliance with proper tax accounting principles, the agent will not initiate an accounting method change if the change places the taxpayer in a more favorable position.
Touchline managing director Mr Sandy Dunn says the latest research sees the Lake District take top slot, while the South-west counties change places.
Colonel Anatoly Savelyev, a veteran hostage negotiator, had agreed to change places with Swedish trade counsellor Jan-Olof Nystrom, who had been seized by a gunman at the Swedish embassy in Moscow.
This change places Lowell Hansen, our most experienced executive, at the helm of our rapidly growing company, and allows me to concentrate my efforts on new technology and strategic planning.
Let your beloved know that "For thy sweet love remembered," you would not change places even with kings.
It's a probability West Ham will change places with Blues next season - or is the underlying factor more money?
For the final life swap, London society girl Antonia (above) agrees to change places with Stacie, a cash-strapped single mum and part-time barmaid from Bridgewater, Somerset.
The car stopped and officers saw him attempting to change places with a female passenger.
Stephen Maguire and James Sherry change places with Maguire now on the forty and Sherry at full-forward.
Films at the Tyneside Cinema will include the Swedish film Immediate Boarding, about two 11-year-olds who change places, and Belleville Rendezvous, a French/Canadian/Belgian co-production about a lonely boy who is kidnapped when training for the Tour de France.