change places

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These from his distance he admired extravagantly; and though he was inclined to be more sarcastic with them than with others, though he made little jokes at their expense, he would have given anything to change places with them.
"Not five minutes since," she thought to herself, "I was longing to change places with you!
He was moving towards her to change places, but her terrified expostulation stopped him and he resumed his seat.
There is no one who would not be delighted to change places with you."
"There is no one with whom I would not change places, Harry.
Change places with him, and would you have been looked at by those blue eyes as he was, and commiserated by that agitated face as he was?
Jim was almost tempted to envy the wooden horse for being unable to feel pain; but the creature was so absurdly unnatural that he decided he would not change places with it under any circumstances.
But even if I were condemned to suffer on the scaffold for the same crimes, I would not change places with such a wretch."
Then, calling upon Fedallah to change places with him, went forward to the bows, and seizing Perth's harpoon, commanded his crew to grasp their oars and stand by to stern.
Now in the generality of free states, the governors and the governed alternately change place; for an equality without any preference is what nature chooses; however, when one governs and another is governed, she endeavours that there should be a distinction between them in forms, expressions, and honours; according to what Amasis said of his laver.
Spare a thought and a prayer for those unfortunate people who would love to change places with you,if only for a short break.
Hats off to all the candidates - I wouldn't change places with them for all the tea in China.