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Three-fourths (72 percent) of the women that had resigned cited family reasons, such as getting married, having a child, having illness or death in the family, or having to change residence.
125) While moderate-income individuals whose income depends on selling their labor might not be likely to change residence due to tax changes (due to the modest expected tax savings and the possible difficulty of obtaining similar employment abroad), high-income individuals (particularly those whose income depends largely on returns to capital rather than selling their labor) might have much greater flexibility.
Rate of flats' non-occupation is "normal" at all times for some families change residence throughout the year.
We represent the Pope in Syria and we will not leave the country, and in the worst cases, if attacks on the Nunciature continue, we will change residence and move to another neighborhood," Msgr.
A CBSA can be considered the local labor market for most workers because they can change residence within the CBSA without changing jobs, or change jobs within the CBSA without changing residence.
According to Ashraf Al-Abbas, who lives in a rented apartment, the neighborhood spirit varies from person to person in cities where most people do not own their homes and often change residence.
Not only do sex offenders have a duty to register when they change residence, they now also must register when they travel.
The fans chanted Robson's name while one jokingly handed the rising star a certificate to change residence to Australia.
The match was played before a large and noisy crowd on Court Five, with the locals chanting the name of Melbourne-born Robson, and one jokingly handed the rising star a certificate to change residence to Australia.
Israel has quietly legislated a new procedure that bars Palestinians in Gaza from moving to the West Bank and demands they go through a seven-year "naturalization" process before they can permanantly change residence, said a joint statement from rights groups Hamoked Center for the Defence of the Individual and Gisha Legal Center for Freedom of Movement.
It also allows users to make calls while receiving and sending large multimedia files at exponential rates in addition to being portable, meaning that customers can change residence without changing phone numbers.