change the appearance of

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I am convinced that if I gave him a box on the ear, such as I gave this morning to the little citizen who splashed me, it would change the appearance of things."
--Dutch public broadcaster NTR, in a statement announcing that it will change the appearance of the traditional Christmas season character Black Pete, whose blackface outfit sparks annual controversy (The Guardian)
SKINS are virtual items in video games such as Counter-Strike that change the appearance of a weapon - for example, turning a pistol into a golden gun.
Editors Van Godtsenhoven, Arzalluz, and Debo offer this fashion catalog of innovations in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, often drawing from Eastern influence to change the appearance of Western feminine clothing.
Kensington Fields gained conservation status some years ago now and it''s a constant battle with private landlords taking it upon themselves to change the appearance of their properties by adding windows, skylights and additional heating flues to the detriment of the properties' frontage.
Meanwhile, Kardashian is also hoping to change the appearance of her arms and wants to gain weight in them.
And in time this erosion can change the appearance of teeth ( for example, showing up as a darker yellow appearance, as transparency near the edges or as small cracks on the edges of teeth.
Clear spectrally selective film does not change the appearance of existing glass allowing its application on an entire building or on as few windows as necessary to deal with a localized over heating problem.
However the head of the central bank's marketing operations said that it was illegal to change the appearance of coins and the bank is threatening to refuse to accept them, reported the online news service of Radio Sweden.
The IRS will change the appearance of the ITIN from a card to an authorization letter, to avoid any possible similarities with a Social Security number card.
It says the bridges will change the appearance of the area and could cause problems for navigation.
Prof David Perrett explained: "In the newly generated image there was no attempt to change the appearance of the hair.