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Dave Williams, via email Change venue I THINK the proposed use of St George's Plateau, as a site for revelry with a Teutonic slant, is a little out of taste, regarding the obvious reason for the creation of the plateau.
Various provisions establish what is "a proper county" for purposes of a motion to change venue under CPLR [section] 510(1).
The need to change venue could have been avoided had the directors considered the shareholders rather than themselves in the first place.
But, they added, "additional and detailed expert analysis of the venue research and media surrounding this case is required to support a motion to change venue.
Assistant Attorney General Lisa Tanner, the special prosecutor in the case, did not oppose the motion to change venue.
The event, however, is to change venue, severing its links with the Marine Hall, and a private green is being considered.
The Supreme Court of New York granted the respondents' motion to change venue from Bronx County to New York County on the ground that defendant Steinberg's "residence bears no relationship to the claim asserted by the plaintiff .
A Thomson City Breaks' spokeswoman said clients due to travel to Madrid before March 19 could cancel, postpone or change venue for free.
Change venue law in an effort to deter "forum shopping.
The Royal meeting may be forced to change venue if redevelopment plans hinder Ascot's ability to stage the meeting in 2005.
Farrell filed a petition to change venue based on the contention that the venue in Philadelphia County was "inconvenient" and that it was oppressive and vexatious.