change venue

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Sadly, the level of advance ticket sales left us with no other option but to change venue for the Westlife performance, and cancel the other dates.
HORDES of hungry rabbits have destroyed a shinty pitch - forcing a cup game to change venue.
It's too late to change venue so we just have to hope our guests can make it.
Chief Executive Stephen Hughes said: "We gave a wealth of support to Bangla Mela and it is estimated that over 400 hours of staff time was allocated to assist in the organisation of this year's event which had to change venue due to situations beyond our control.
She would have seen the funny side of us having to change venue.
The decision to change venue was made in part because the Lincoln Airpark offers excellent space and facility features providing better team support and accommodation for future growth.
anti-Saleh protesters change venue as supporters occupy square
1 believes the annual showdown for the top eight players should change venue to promote the game.
They all have mobile phones and can change venue at a moment's notice.
1 Rafael Nadal reckons the tournament should change venue and surface.
The council had a meeting and told us we had to change venue.
In spite of having to change venue seven times, the sport still has 125 members in the city, who compete in 25 teams at its current home, the MSDC in Cromwell Lane, Tile Hill.