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In some parts of the planet TOC changeability monitoring is carried out by means of land devices, the most absolute of which is Dobson spectrophotometer, with measuring error 7.
However, the unprecedented throughput, experimental complexity and changeability associated with NGS create unique challenges for a LIMS.
With inconspicuous Quick Pins(TM) for quick and easy changeability that won't attract vandals, Contego is an ideal solution for maintenance teams that must keep interior signage up-to-date and looking good in these ever-changing buildings.
Principles for design uniformity in the structure of the building and future changeability of laboratories.
BEFORE complaining about someone's changeability, consider the possibility they don't want to be involved in arrangements.
One issue confronting the efficiency of wind energy is the wind itself -- specifically, its changeability.
Regardless of the forecast, New England weather is legendary for its changeability.
The author of Changeability will be making his first public appearance in the Gulf.
Still, echoes of flaglike shapes allude to a territorial world and offer an unsettling hint of its continuing, unpredictable environmental and political changeability.
Because of the changeability and versatility, acting tends to be perceived as the art of transforming yourself,' he muses.
The key is Venetian consistency versus Roman changeability.