changed priorities

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Successive governments have changed priorities too frequently, creating instability and shifting educators focus away from teaching New Brunswicks children.
Successive governments in both countries have built upon the efforts of their predecessors to solidify a strategic partnership that continues to grow despite the world's changed priorities. Wang Yi's visit to Pakistan was highly successful, as it has set the tone for taking collaboration between the two countries to new heights.
Only one group, mostly comprising cabinet members, voted for Senator Faisal Javed who got 18 votes [priority] while others changed priorities.
The rest changed priorities. It is pertinent to note that despite 'horse-trading' claims, the PTI managed to bag four seats.
This year respondents changed priorities when choosing the most attractive employers.Sound salaries, strong brands and good collective.
business by blacksmiths but with the passage of time, changing traditions and demand and supply phenomenon changed priorities of craftsmen which resulted in creation of daily used metal wares in simple forms.
"In view of the government's changed priorities about investments in the energy sector, the World Bank was requested to extend aid for the development of Macedonia's gas market rather that for the earlier discussed investment in the Lukovo Pole project.
The 1E analysis, which covered 3.6 million seats and 1,800 software titles across 129 leading corporations, attributes this to a "a shift in the way organizations approach IT" and changed priorities for CIOs.
But his changed priorities are best summed up by the fact he could be marking Damien Hayes, a team-mate on that minor team, today.
Spending on capital projects was slashed by 43 percent as of July to 415 million dinars as the government changed priorities towards major infrastructure projects, leaving most to be completed in partnership with private investors, officials say.
Given that, and given that Kairos has a long history with Ottawa and that CIDA staff gave Kairos's final application a solid stamp of approval, there are only three possibilities: CIDA staff are incompetent, CIDA staff weren't told about the changed priorities or Bev Oda, presumably under instruction from the command-and-control Prime Minister's Office, refused on political grounds.
border was suspended because certain personnel status issues could not be agreed on; State-provided Vietnam-era helicopters have proved expensive and difficult to maintain and many are not available for operations; and a State-supported border surveillance program was cut short due to limited funding and changed priorities. In 2006, in response to a congressional mandate, ONDCP and other agencies involved in U.S.