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But when stern Winter's freezing breath Arrests thy howling rills How awful then it is to view Thy hoary mantled hills Thy rills proclaim our changeful state Like them is human life And as thy lakes, so is the grave Where ends our wordly (26) strife And as thy waters rest not there But seek the expanded sea Even so shall man's existence flow To dread Eternity O, may it be my happy lot In Thee to end my days And undisturbed with joy to sing Our great creator[']s praise (27)
The representation she does find is more open-ended, changeful and multivalent.
Discussion allows students to experience the changeful, non-fixed, evolutionary nature of ideas.
The metaphysical extension of the cosmos from what is known today through the methods, doctrines, and accumulated research findings of science is seen through the philosophy of objective relativism as being "stable and changeful, filled with life and death, replete with tragedy and joy, a tissue of interlocked processes, a multiplicity of unities, a one in many" (Morris, 1948, p.
Always changeful, when he tired of painting landscapes he avowed, with characteristic pugnacity, how pleased he was that he had painted them so hastily that the colours had deteriorated.
So Hecuba: "All with changeful pain / My body rocketh, and would fain / Move to the tune of tears that flow: / For tears are music too, and keep / A song unheard in hearts that weep" (17).
Changeful geopolitical situation in the early 90s established new dynamics in the Vienna city development.
A willful, spoiled example of eternally changeful Woman or a woman absolutely (if less than heroically) refusing to humble herself before patriarchy?
Time, haggard and changeful and hoary, Is master and God of the land: But the air is fulfilled of the glory That is shed from our lord's right hand.
Her 62-year-old husband said in the same book, which is a collection of his and 23 other celebrities' accounts on their bizarre experiences, ''My life after I met my wife has been much more changeful and interesting than before'' and that he is grateful for that.
At the changeful wind the generation of wind power plants may be changing very quickly from zero up to the maximum power.
hopelessly eyeing the uncertain changeful height he could hardly hope to attain