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He answered without looking at her, his changeless eyes still fixed, as it seemed, on something far away.
Then nothing but a mute, vacant face turned up to the ceiling, with eyes that looked blindly, with lips parted in a senseless, changeless grin.
Every leaf was at rest in the sunshine, the familiar scene was changeless, and seemed to represent the prospect of her life, full of motiveless ease--motiveless, if her own energy could not seek out reasons for ardent action.
Hour after hour, the changeless glare of the hot, unwinking sky, shone upon the same monotonous objects.
This nearest approach to a laugh in which he ever indulged (and that but seldom and only on extreme occasions), never even curled his lip or effected the smallest change in--no, not so much as a slight wagging of--his great, fat, double chin, which at these times, as at all others, remained a perfect desert in the broad map of his face; one changeless, dull, tremendous blank.
But a yet more depressing feature in the grey facade is its telescopic length and changeless continuity.
Her eyes had rested on his face while he was questioning her; staring at him, cold, dull, and changeless as the eyes of a corpse.
The quiet face looked at me in return, and the unmoved voice gave me back the changeless reply.
Additional resting range will diminish the need to flip the mattress as much by making it less demanding to discover new dozing territories without being restricted to similar ones which makes a changeless space shape in the memory foam mattress in a box less rapidly.
Even the changeless Minar and Embassy restaurants, as a result, have refurbished their look.
He asked if I could spare him the change, and I said sure, but it turned out I was changeless.
Employees benefit as they can utilize 100% of their allocated voucher, instead of losing portions to changeless systems or through expiration.