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The Bird Repeats Its Motif" describes the clear song of a bird repeated changelessly over the ruins of the temple of Hera, which twenty-five centuries ago was imposing.
In his reply, Smilansky is rightly suspicious of taking time travel in this context seriously, but he does not identify the source of his reservations; I believe that the (correct) reason for having them is that ML is incompatible with the idea of a timelessly and changelessly complete series of events, akin to the McTaggartian B-series, where the time-slice corresponding to any of these events can be accessed from any other time-slice by leaping over the temporal interval that lies between the two.
On the basis of nothing other than logical insight (securely anchored in Forms) and impossible without it, it can safely be inferred that, despite how it might seem, it is clearly impossible that something actually eternally, changelessly self-identical (8) could also change in any sense whatsoever, and that is why it in fact does not get older or younger because of time.