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Francois Bizot, the French anthropologist and scholar of South-East Asian Buddhism, who was twice a prisoner of the Khmer Rouge (including of its most notorious jailer and torturer, the former mathematics teacher Deuch), and who has recently published a memoir called The Gate, remembered the pre-Lon Nol, pre-Khmer Rouge Cambodians as a people infused with a Buddhist sense of proportion, content with the unceasing regularity of the rural round, with its celebrations, festivals, and comforting changelessness.
The United Nations, steeped in tradition and changelessness, will need a special kind of chutzpah to lead the curve, but pride, by tapping into the innate potency of human nature, promises the most robust path to organizational strength.
Some people, not all of them Catholic, think that the supreme task and glory of the Catholic church is to oppose the world, to throw up a bulwark of changelessness against the giddy whirl of modernity.
Desert environments, he argues, offer "natural tendencies toward changelessness," a characteristic which Islam very quickly adopted to become an "eternalized" tradition.
Later on, the references to past and future turn out to be dreams and figments: "Never was but grey air timeless no sound figment the passing light" (197); "Never but this changelessness dream the passing hour" (197).
Security and changelessness are fabricated by the ego-dominated mind and do not exist in nature.
Clearly, the Catholic Church is changing, even while it reasserts its changelessness.
Is there not a suspect changelessness about all this?
The illusions of changelessness are very strong in those parts, in fact I don't consider them illusions, becoming gradually and obscurely aware of having a Past--a mean and threadbare thing, but one of my own & most worthily shared.
Which is to say that, because collage is a method deriving its virtue from its irony, because it seems to be a technique for using things and simultaneously disbelieving in them, it is also a strategy which can allow Utopia to be dealt with as an image, to be dealt with in fragments without our having to accept it in toto, which is further to suggest that collage could even be a strategy which, by supporting the Utopian illusion of changelessness and finality, might even fuel a reality of change, motion, action and history.
The assumption (or illusion) of changelessness was protected even as the erstwhile primitive societies entered into world economics and politics: changelessness remained their intrinsic pre-contact condition, while change was something that was forced upon them by the differently conditioned societies that had created the modern world.
He concludes, "There has been no timeless wilderness in a state of perfect changelessness, no climax forest in permanent stasis.