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A recent story in Advertising Age magazine points out Spanish-language channels, especially in sports, are a natural based on census data that shows Hispanics will make up nearly 19 percent of the country's population by 2020.
The geometry of the barrier section with primary and auxiliary channels was simulated in a flat plane, as if it had been unwound off the screw and flattened out.
Microscopic cellular pores called ion channels unite the starkly different images above.
Complete end-to-end Fibre Channel solutions such as LAN-free backup are starting to emerge in the distribution channels.
The structure and regulation of voltage-dependent calcium channels and their role in inherited and toxicant-induced neurologic disorders was the topic of a conference sponsored and hosted by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, the U.
The trick is to manage multiple channels without alienating traditional producers.
He proposed that Time Warner find room for Fox News by moving the History Channel or the Discovery Channel to one of the city's PEG (public, educational, governmental) cable channels, which it controls through its franchise agreements with Time Warner.
The number of communication channels available to the average manager has mushroomed over the last 20 years.
DENVER -- Transport agreements for twenty-three additional channels lift the Comcast Media Center's (CMC) offering of digital video and audio services to more than 200 channels, the company announced today.
Meister and Bellemy said it was the advent of digital cable, which allows cable systems the capacity to offer a greater array of channels, that paved the way for the channel to come together much faster than it would have otherwise.
Historically in storage environments, physical interfaces to storage consisted of parallel SCSI channels supporting a small number of SCSI devices.
Scientists are now analyzing specific pores, or channels, through cell membranes that may be responsible for touch perception, hearing and balance, as well as for the body's regulation of blood pressure, lung inflation, gut distension and other physiological processes.